Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators
Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators
Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators
Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators
Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators
Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators

Cookie Sheet Pan/Dividers Separators

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Made in the USA
*******Cookie Sheets Pans Are Not Included******
You will be receiving in the mail the risers/dividers that we call cookie sheet separators for Your cookie sheet pans. These are cookie sheet pan dividers only. 
Reclaim Your space with our dividers.

Your cookies sheet separators/divider/stackers
for your cookie sheets.

Depending of how many you have an how many you like to stack.

  • 4-Pack=   2- Sheets      ( stack 2 cookie sheets) 
  • 12 Pack=  4-Sheets      ( stack 4 cookie sheets)  
  • 16 Pack = 5-sheets       ( stack 5 cookie sheets)  
  • 24 Pack=  7-Sheets       ( stack 7 cookie sheets) 
  • 36 Pack=  10- Sheet     ( stack 10 cookie sheets)
  • 48 Pack=  13-Sheets     ( stack 13 cookie sheets) 
**********Cookie Sheets Pans Are Not Included**********

Stacking your pre-own cookie sheet with our separators/dividers it allows you to use them for the following!
1. Stack multiple sheets in oven (Bake, Dehydrate, Store)
2. Cool
3. Flood & Crust
4. Decorate / details & dry
5. Multiply fridge / freezer space

 You can use these cookie sheet dividers and stack your cookie sheets in all sizes!

Quarter sheet pans Size 

halve cookie sheet pans

full size cookie sheet pans

Many options besides cookies

  • Dry Royal icing flowers,
  • Royal icing transfers
  • All royal icing creations
  • Dry Fondant creations
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • Make sprinkles. Pipe royal icing strait lines, then stack as many cookie sheets and create your own custom sprinkles
  • Crafter's can use it to dry their hand made creations by stacking cookie sheets while you work on other projects.
  • Carry your food preps to the BBQ area

 **********Cookie Sheets Are Not Included**********


The cookie sheet separators were created  for one function only; it was to stack cookie sheets and round pans on top of each other.
Based on the need of having to have cookie sheets all over the counters while cooling or drying royal icing. 
People have taken them and discovered things to do with them along the way
and one of the discoveries is baking and dehydrating as a bonus and whatever other things may come up in the future.
I and Everyone that has tried it has worked.
***As the stackers were not designed and not created for baking because baking can be a tricky situation alone.****
Being able to bake may or may not work for everyone as the baking depends on location, elevation, weather and oven a lot of variables . 
However we cannot do a refund based on that claim because that
was not the original design as I cannot make any claims that it will work for everyone.
 *** Keep pushing the envelope and let us know what other ways you have used them for.



Being able to help people by creating and developing products, that would ignite and enhance other people's crafts and creativity, is the best rewarding feeling in the world!! I can relate to starting off my baking hobby, in a kitchen too small to add a rolling baking cart. 

This product will help so many bakers in either a small kitchen or a large kitchen, that want to maximize their space!!
This is a game changer product!! Now you too can #reclaimyourspace

Thank you for your support.

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