6X10 Cookie Silk Screen Pre-Orders Shipping on or before June 25th.

6X10 Cookie Silk Screen Pre-Orders Shipping on or before June 25th.

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6" x 10" Cookie Silk Screen 


We will be Shipping on or before June 25th..

***Please note shipping date may change from 1-3 business days when experiencing a high volume of orders****


Made in the USA!! 
6 Inch-by-10 Screen Printing Frame
Scraper included

6 5/8 X 10 1/2 Silk Screen printing design inside dimensions 

Materials Mahogany 

Video by A Modern Cookie on IG https://www.instagram.com/p/BwUxqf1AaqM/


My Cookie Silkscreen is Great to Decorate Sugar Cookies and Fondant!

Works well with both royal icing and airbrushing.

Don't have time to order, design or make traditional stencils?

Don't have time to pipe a lot of designs?

My cookie silk screen is a game changer!


You will receive 1 Cookie Silk Screen Unit and icing scraper.

Cookie Stencil Design Is not included

  • Mono-filament polyester mesh consists of single strand fibers with uniform construction and spacing
  • 110 mono-filament screen fabric
  • Holds fine details for printing 4-color process work
  • Polyester material, odorless, strong wrinkle resistance, good elasticity, dimensional stability under tension, not easily deformed, resistant to sunlight, abrasion resistance

IG post shows using the cookie silk screen





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